Mission of PBG

As an interdisciplinary graduate student organization, we seek to:

  • Provide graduate-level students with real-world business and consulting experience
  • Help our members develop strong leadership and teamwork skills, and improve business knowledge
  • Build a healthcare and biotech network within the Penn community and the Greater Philadelphia region
  • Assist our members to find positions in the consulting and biotech fields

Members of PBG

Our group is comprised of members from several graduate schools across Penn. Members with such diverse backgrounds allow us to share knowledge within our group to allow our members to learn more about the “business of science” or the “science of business.”

Below are statistics of our membership in recent years.

Any graduate-level student or post-doc is welcome to join us! Membership fees are $25 for one year. To participate in our events, you must be a PBG member.

To sign up as a member, please go here.