Fall 2020 Kickoff

The slides can be found here:
PBG Fall 2020 Kickoff

All PBG Fall Applications deadline extended to Friday, 18th at 5:00 pm!

We have extended our Fall application deadline and are currently accepting applications for Project Director, Project Manager  and Team Member positions for our Fall 2020 project cycle! Please note that since PBG is fully virtual this semester, you can join a PBG project regardless of your current location.
***NEW Deadline for applications: Friday, Sept 18 at 5:00 PM EST

Project Director (1-2 projects) 
Experienced in consulting/business management (prior PBG or equivalent outside experience)
Provide specific expertise as well as support, oversight, and management for multiple projects
Click here for Fall 2019 Project Director Application
Project Manager (1 project)
Have some consulting experience (prior PBG or equivalent outside experience)
Lead/manage client logistics, team logistics, deliverable
Click here for Fall 2019 Project Manager Application 
Team Member (4-6 members per team/project)
Typically life sciences PhDs & Masters students but open to postdocs and professional students
May or may not have prior consulting experience
Leads data collection and analysis, providing insight in specific work streams
Click here for Fall 2020 Team Member Application

Note: To view the projects list and descriptions, you have to become a PBG member.  Current members can check out the project descriptions here.
To become a PBG member on CampusGroups, follow the instructions on this link. Payment of $25 grants access to a full year of membership.  If you have any questions or issues accessing the application or signing up for membership, email us at info.pbgconsulting@gmail.com.